Once upon a time, only aristocrats were able to indulge their taste buds inside the castle walls. Now there is a restaurant for everyone, a restaurant offering traditional Slovenian dishes.

The smell you remember from your grandmother's bread oven and fireplace is now coming from our kitchen: the Kras jota soup, the Istra bobiči soup, the Prekmurje bograč stew, fried wings, Idrija žlikrofi dumplings, Primorje squid, roasted sardines … Slovenian cuisine is very region-specific and it is the same in our restaurant. Three major European cultures – Alpine, Pannonian and Mediterranean – meet in our kitchen: Prekmurje gibanica layer cake, Bled cream slices, Kobarid štruklji filled dumplings.

We swear by fair ingredients and organically grown, healthy food. We use the best olive and pumpkin seed oil, locally produced meat, fruit and vegetables from the market and wines from Slovenian wine cellars. The preparation of traditional dishes takes a lot of skill and knowledge. The young chefs in the castle have learnt everything from the three masters, whose creativity has altered the view of food in Slovenia and convinced the worldwide gastronomy public: Ana Roš and Valter Kramar from Hiše Franko and Svetozar Raspopović from the Gostilne As.

Slovenia has a rich culinary culture. We have 24 gastronomic regions with 178 distinct and recognisable dishes with a wide range of different flavours – so there will be new aromas coming from the Na gradu restaurant kitchen every week. Every week, we will offer you something new.

Visit us and see for yourself.

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who we are

svetozar raspopović - pope

Pope will go down in history as the man who changed the taste of Ljubljana diners forever.

But his gastronomic path began in the Kras region, in Dutovlje, where he was the only former Yugoslav customs official to open a famous fish restaurant. Then he decided to take over the capital as well. And he did. Despite his brusqueness and occasional impoliteness, he has become an indispensable member of the Ljubljana culinary scene.

His fans did not even mind the occasional steep bill, because he was – and still is – a great culinary perfectionist. “Despite all the criticisms, many of which are justified, he is an intelligent man,” an expert on Slovenian cuisine wrote about him. As an intelligent man, he knows how to adapt. In the mysterious shelter of the picturesque Knafelj passage in the centre of Ljubljana, he has created an embassy of good taste. It is an elite restaurant distinguished by the bold originality of Mediterranean horizons with seasonal varieties, but he also offers pastas, salads and homemade ice cream for passers-by. Evenings can be spent with friends in the underground lounge bar. All this has made the As Restaurant one of the most popular meeting places in the capital, be it day or night.

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ana roš and valter kramar

... are a source of inexhaustible culinary creativity, which they used to bring Hiša Franko into the “extraordinary” category. Their dishes are as extraordinary as their creators themselves.

Ana was a member of the national skiing team, has a degree in diplomacy and speaks five languages. Love brought her to Valter. Valter spent his childhood in the kitchen of Hiša Franko in Staro Selo near Kobarid, where his father Franko cut thin slices of English roast beef and his mother Joži cooked Kobarid štruklji. Valter then learnt about cooking in schools and trained in Italy, where he became an excellent sommelier.

Ana and Valter transformed the traditional restaurant into an extraordinary one. They used an interesting combination – Ana’s daring flavours and creations combined with Valter’s expertise and rationality – to create something unique. Their dishes are masterpieces, a tribute to the seasons and to nature. Herbs picked in the garden, "grasses" from the meadows, cheeses from the hills... Adding a modern and extreme touch to these primary flavours, they create an elixir that will satisfy even the most demanding taste buds. They learn from the past and create the future.

That they have chosen the right path is demonstrated by the fact that Hiša Franko is a member of the Jeunes restaurateurs d'Europe (JRE) culinary association. In addition to being accepted by the international gastronomic elite, Ana has also become one of the leading gastronomy lecturers in this part of Europe.

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Tasting menu

trout and cranberries  ~  marinated trout from Hribar farm from Kostanjevica and apple with horseradish


egg from Humek farm and Tolminc cheese  ~  poached egg, cepes and asparagus


ravioli filled with dandelion  ~  young spinach and nettle


veal shoulder and “skutnica”  ~  roasted mushrooms, Brussels sprouts and topinambour


Piran sea bass Fonda from Piran  ~  fillet, broccoli cream, broccoli and cauliflower, buttery potatoes


white cocolate and strawberry


price of the menu: 42,20 €

your events

business events

Business events can be difficult to organise, but not for us – we have been organising the catering for business events for many years. We can provide catering in the Na gradu Restaurant, in the Ljubljana Castle halls or at a location of your choice. Our advantage is a fresh and innovative offer, planned in accordance with the purpose of the event and the message you want to convey to your guests through your culinary choices. Thanks to our wide range of experience, we can adapt to all your wishes and have the necessary knowledge and infrastructure for even the most demanding caterings and buffets.


A wedding demands a special approach, since it is still considered a special challenge to please the guests at a wedding. We are more than happy to take on this challenge and prepare the catering in accordance with your wishes. Treat yourself to excellent catering in the Na gradu Restaurant or at a location of your choice – grandmothers, mothers and other guests will all be satisfied. We promise to ensure that everyone will remember your wedding celebration for its relaxed atmosphere and for the delicious dishes prepared by our chefs.

custom events

Are you looking for a beautiful location for your anniversary, New Year’s Eve celebration, special occasion or the meeting that you are organising? The Na gradu Restaurant is here for you! The restaurant’s pleasant atmosphere is suitable for all types of events and meetings of private groups. We can provide a special culinary experience, based on our main offer and adapted according to your wishes to create special treats prepared for you by our chefs. We can also contribute a programme to ensure a pleasant atmosphere. Call us, tell us about your wishes and together we will find the right offer for you.

  • We will help you organise your event.
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  • 00386 31 301 777
  • or mail us at:


Do you feel like some fried wings, but would prefer to eat them at home? Stop by and we will prepare a fresh, fragrant and hot portion for you to take away.

Would you prefer our gibanica layer cake or a cream slice? We can also prepare them for you to take away.

  • call 00386 31 301 777 and we will prepare dishes to take away!
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